**PLEASE NOTE: As of June 2016, Farmer Mac changed the file format of its monthly AMBS disclosure from text to XML. With this change, the disclosure file descriptions will be updated to accommodate the new format layout. Sample files will be made available upon request. Please contact loanadministration@farmermac.com with any questions or concerns.**

Farm & Ranch (Farmer Mac I)

For all SEC-registered Farmer Mac AMBS, Farmer Mac provides investors with three types of information on a monthly basis: (1) periodic payment disclosure, (2) loan level disclosure, and (3) loan commodity disclosure. Each of the three types of monthly reports contains records in a fixed format. The field layouts can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the desired button below.

USDA Guarantees (Farmer Mac II)

Farmer Mac provides investors with monthly reports on certain Farmer Mac II AMBS. These reports can be accessed below by date .