The Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation

The Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation, commonly known as Farmer Mac, was created by Congress to establish a secondary market for agricultural mortgage and rural utilities loans to increase the availability of long-term credit at stable interest rates to segments of rural America. As a stockholder-owned, publicly-traded corporation, Farmer Mac, along with its subsidiary Farmer Mac II, LLC., conducts these activities through three programs - - Farmer Mac I, Farmer Mac II and Rural Utilities. Farmer Mac is not a direct lender, instead working with lenders that work directly with borrowers throughout the United States. The Corporation’s headquarters are in Washington, D.C.; it has an underwriting office in Johnston, IA.

Keeping Up with Dr. Kohl

Dr. David Kohl, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, is a well known and respected leader in the world of agricultural finance. As a contributor to the “Farmer Mac Forward,” Dr. Kohl provides his insight and outlook through his regular column, “Dave’s GPS,” and his “Dashboard” of economic indicators.

In his article this month, titled “Taking an Economic Punch,” Dr. Kohl identifies what he believes to be the key characteristics of producers who will withstand the economic down cycle.
  Click here to find out if Dr. Kohl thinks it’s time to “sweat the small stuff” and see what advice he has for ag lenders to better prepare yourselves and your customers for tougher times.


What's New?

Rate Lock Desk
Upcoming Hours

The Farmer Mac Rate Lock Desk will be closing at 12:00 PM ET on Friday, May 22nd and will be closed on Monday, May 25th. Normal hours will resume on Tuesday, May 26th at 10:00 AM ET.





Benefits for lenders include the ability to:

  • Retain and build customer relationships through competitive loan products, including long-term fixed rate products
  • Maintain market presence through an expanded array of loan products
  • Enhance returns through fee income
  • Reduce or eliminate credit risk and interest rate risk from lending activity
  • Renew liquidity for additional lending

Benefits for borrowers include:

  • Availability of funds in good times and bad
  • Competitively-priced loans
  • Long-term fixed rate options

Calendar Of Events

Farmer Mac Current Events

Farmer Mac’s Calendar of Events includes a variety of important dates: marketing workshops and webinars, dates of regular earnings releases and associated investor conference calls and holiday schedules. New events are added to the list as they are scheduled during the year.

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