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Who is Farmer Mac?

Farmer Mac is a vital part of the agricultural credit markets and was created to increase access to and reduce the cost of capital for the benefit of American agriculture and rural communities. As the nation’s premier secondary market for agricultural credit, we provide financial solutions to a broad spectrum of the agricultural community, including agricultural lenders, agribusinesses, and other institutions that can benefit from access to flexible, low-cost financing and risk management tools. Farmer Mac‘s customers benefit from our low cost of funds, low overhead costs, and high operational efficiency. In fact, we are often able to provide the lowest cost of borrowing to agricultural and rural borrowers. For more than a quarter-century, Farmer Mac has been delivering the capital and commitment rural America deserves.

Farmer Mac Corporate Fact Sheet




Our Beliefs

At Farmer Mac, everything we do is inspired by our mission, our promise and our values. Our promise sets a clear focus of our work while our values define how we carry out our mission.

Farmer Mac is committed to help build a strong and vital rural America by increasing the availability and affordability of credit for the benefit of American agriculture and rural communities.
To build a strong and vital rural America through innovation, collaboration and excellence.

Our mission and our promise are supported by the core values that have been formed throughout the history of this company. We put great emphasis on these values as they serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we aspire to do business every day.


Corporate Stewardship

Focus on being good stewards of our charter, our reputation, and our corporate responsibilities.

Unparalleled Service

Listen closely to our customers, be responsive, anticipate their needs, and develop strong, lasting relationships driven by a deep belief that their success drives our success.

Innovative Thinking

Encourage strategic thinking, ask questions, seek answers, embrace new technologies, value new ideas, and acquire knowledge to display thought leadership within the industries we proudly serve.

Collegial Collaboration

Create a collaborative culture where we attract, retain and develop a diverse group of talented professionals who continually seek knowledge while bringing energy and mutual respect to fulfilling our mission.

Unrelenting Excellence

Never underestimate the importance of accuracy or the significance of every action and interaction that contributes to our reputation for excellence in the marketplace.

Absolute Integrity

Be ethical, honest, and give careful consideration in everything we do.

Passion for Rural America

Share a passion for serving the people who help America set the global standard in agriculture and rural utilities while advancing the livelihood of rural communities.

One Farmer Mac

Each of us represents one Farmer Mac. We take pride in the innovation, collaboration, and excellence we bring to our promise of building a strong and vital rural America.


Our Management

Executive Roundtable

Management Team

Toyin Adams
Director – Internal Audit
Gayan Agalawatte
Director – Enterprise Operations
Julie Bustad
Director – Loan Accounting & Reporting
Jonathan Cohen
Assistant General Counsel
Terry Coleman
Senior Director – Capital Markets
Monica Coley
Senior Director – Treasury Operations
Bryan Custodio
Senior Director – Accounting and Finance Systems
Eric Estey
Director – Capital Markets
Matthew Histand
Senior Director – Operations
Tina Johnson
Director – People Operations
Jack Keil
Director – Data Analytics
Patrick Kerrigan
Vice President – Business Development
Dan Koesters
Director – Farm & Ranch Underwriting
Dimitar Kolev
Senior Director – Head of Asset Liability Management
Sherri Miller
Director – Internal Credit Review
Bill Miller
Director – Farm & Ranch Business Development
Mário Morais
Vice President – Chief Information Security Officer
Joe Munsell
Director – Assistant Controller & Financial Reporting
Megan Murray-Pelaez
Director – Marketing & Communications
Jalpa Nazareth
Senior Director – Investor Relations & Finance Strategy
Michelle Nichols
Senior Director – Governance, Risk & Compliance
Danny Odom
Senior Director – Credit Risk Officer
Masahiro Ogiso
Managing Director – Renewable Energy
Robert Owens
Senior Director – Fixed Income Strategy
Lakshmi Pandi
Senior Director – IT Transformation & DevOps
Melinda Petrowske
Senior Credit Risk Officer
Brad Pierce
Director – Relationship Management Corporate AgFinance
Christy Prendergast
Vice President – Deputy General Counsel
Gregory Ramsey
Vice President – Chief Accounting Officer
Chip Schmalz
Director – Talent Acquisition and Development
Michael Schmid
Senior Director – Assistant Treasurer
Jackson Takach
Chief Economist, Vice President – Strategy, Research, & Analytics
Evan Thayer
Vice President – Financial Planning & Analysis
Jordan Theis
Senior Director – Credit Underwriting
Amy Van Meeteren
Senior Director – Business Process Development
Kyle Weaver
Senior Director – Corporate AgFinance
Stephen Yose
Senior Credit Risk Officer

Board of Directors

Farmer Mac’s 15-member Board of Directors oversees the Corporation to ensure that Farmer Mac is managed in a safe and sound manner and with an appropriate balance between financial performance and fulfillment of its public mission. Farmer Mac’s charter legislation provides that Farmer Mac’s Board of Directors consists of 15 members.

  • Five of the directors are appointed by the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the United States Senate.
  • Five of the directors are elected by a plurality of the votes of the holders of Class A Voting Common Stock (stock that may be held only by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions that are not Farm Credit System institutions).
  • Five of the directors are elected by a plurality of the votes of the holders of Class B Voting Common Stock (stock that may be held only by Farm Credit System institutions).

Lowell L. Junkins
Chair (1)

Political Affairs Consultant
Lowell Junkins & Associates
Montrose, Iowa

LaJuana S. Wilcher
Vice Chair (1)

Owner - Scuffle Hill Farm
Partner - English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley, LLP
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Dennis L. Brack (2)

Bath State Bank and Bath State Bancorp
Bath, Indiana

Chester J. Culver (1)

Chet Culver Group
West Des Moines, Iowa

Richard H. Davidson (3)

Davidson Farms, Inc.
Washington Court House, Ohio

Everett M. Dobrinski (3)

Former Owner/Operator
Dobrinski Farm
Makoti, North Dakota

James R. Engebretsen (2)

Retired Professor, Finance
Marriott School of Management
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

Sara L. Faivre (1)

Co-Owner and Advisory Partner
Wild Type Ranch
Cameron, Texas

Amy H. Gales (3)

Retired Executive Vice President
Bonita Springs, Florida

Mitchell A. Johnson (2)

Financial Consultant
Miami, Florida

Eric T. McKissack (2)

Former CEO
Channing Capital Management, LLC
Chicago, Illinois

Robert G. Sexton (3)

Oslo Citrus Growers Association
Vero Beach, Florida

Charles A. Stones (1)

Former President
Kansas Bankers Association
Topeka, Kansas

Roy H. Tiarks (3)

Tiarks Family Farm
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Todd P. Ware (2)

President and Chief Executive Officer
Licking Rural Electrification
The Energy Cooperative
Newark, Ohio

(1) Presidential Appointee
(2) Director elected by holders of Class A Common Stock
(3) Director elected by holders of Class B Common Stock

Join Our Team!

Farmer Mac Named an Employer of Choice Because Our Employees Said So
Farmer Mac won a 2023 Top Workplaces industry award for Financial Services! This is excellent recognition of the fact that prioritizing a people-centered culture and giving employees a voice is integral to an industry-leading workplace. These awards are determined by employee feedback collected through an anonymous workplace survey. Along with the awards won earlier this year for Compensation & Benefits, Innovation, Leadership, Purpose & Values, and Work-Life Flexibility, this honor demonstrates we are in sync with our employees as we all work to fulfill our mission to help build a strong and vital rural America.

Here is a little bit about us. And a little about you.

WE: We are a diverse group of talented, engaged, and most importantly – passionate individuals who are committed to bringing vitality to rural America through innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We offer a comprehensive benefits package and continually look for ways to enhance our support for the health and well-being of our employee workforce.

From recent graduates to the leadership team driving corporate strategy, our staff embodies the principles that have guided Farmer Mac since its inception and help us to serve as a champion for rural America. Our motivated, enthusiastic employees and leaders are the heart of Farmer Mac and have helped us earn five Top Workplaces Culture Excellence awards in Innovation, Compensation & Benefits, Purpose & Values, Work-Life Flexibility, and Leadership.

YOU: You are an individual who continually seeks knowledge while bringing energy and mutual respect to fulfilling our mission. You ask questions. You look for answers. But most importantly, you have an appreciation for rural America and as such, want to devote your career to serving those who help set the global standard in agriculture and rural utilities while advancing the livelihood of rural communities.


Administrative Associate III (Principals only, please)

Analyst – Loan Accounting (Principals only, please)

Director – Credit Analytics (Principals only, please)

Senior Loan Underwriter – Farm & Ranch Underwriting (Principals only, please)


Farmer Mac is an equal opportunity employer.



Farmer Mac has adopted an affirmative action program plan to create a workforce that is an accurate reflection of the demographics of the qualified available workforce in the relevant job market. A summary report is available upon request.





Meet Some of the Team

We all take pride in the work we do and the important role we play in American agriculture.

Over a quarter-century financing rural America under our belt.

Our innovative solutions can be custom-designed to fit your needs.

Our talented team of knowledgeable agriculture and financial specialists all share a passion for rural America and are committed to solving your problems and exceeding your expectations.

Preserve capital and increase liquidity. Your bank will thank you for it.

Mitigate credit and interest rate risk…We’re here so you (and your customers) can kick back and relax once in a while.

Gain special access to our favorable rates and terms for ag mortgages, including long-term fixed rate loans up to 30 years.

Like flies to honey, we can help your bank attract more customers by expanding your product offerings.

Our solutions enable you to compete with other banks and lending institutions. No one likes to lose.

One size does NOT fit all. Work with us to offer your customers a wider breadth of lending solutions to best fit their needs.

Faster than those pesky weeds, we can help you grow with your producers and agribusiness customers.

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Working with Farmer Mac

“I use Farmer Mac to compete. The more products I offer, the more loyal my customer.”

Bob Carpio, Branch President
Colorado Community Bank, Yuma, CO

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