Wholesale Financing

Farmer Mac can provide extremely efficient, low-cost wholesale financing to fund your institution’s eligible agricultural assets.

Farmer Mac’s Wholesale Financing solutions provide efficient funding for an institution’s eligible agricultural and rural utility assets. Whether you are a lender, an agricultural fund or an agricultural company, Farmer Mac has a product to fit your needs. There are two core products to choose from, one tailored for mortgage lenders and another for investors or owners of agricultural assets.


Farm Equity AgVantage

Whether you are an agricultural fund or operating company; whether you are involved in production agriculture or are an agribusiness, you can use Farmer Mac’s Farm Equity AgVantage product to provide the wholesale capital you need to fund your assets. With Farm Equity AgVantage, your institution gains access to an easy to use facility, with a low cost of funds, that can be used to expand farm or agribusiness operations, purchase new assets, or develop existing assets.

How It Works:

  • Lender applies to be a Farm Equity AgVantage facility participant and completes the facility documentation
  • Lender identifies the eligible collateral that it intends to use to secure the borrowing from the facility and Farmer Mac reviews the collateral and approves
  • The counter-party may then issue Farm Equity AgVantage securities to Farmer Mac under the facility, generating low-cost capital that it can use to invest in its business

Key Features:

  • Use existing assets as collateral for borrowing low-cost debt capital
  • Facility is easy to use, with quick execution and with a full suite of available loan structures
  • The financing is provided at the entity level, as opposed to the individual asset level, and is designed to be flexible in the use of proceeds

Custom Solutions

Farmer Mac prides itself on innovation and custom-designed solutions to fit our customers’ needs. We have built a talented team of knowledgeable agriculture and financial specialists who all share a passion for rural America and who are committed to solving our customers’ problems and exceeding their expectations. Let us craft an innovative solution for your unique business need.