Oct 22, 2019

Grace Wu de Plaza on Rolling out New Compliance Initiatives [Podcast]
SCCA – The Compliance & Ethics Blog

By: Adam Turteltaub

Even the best compliance initiative can’t survive a bad rollout. That’s why it’s essential that the planning is done properly.

In this podcast Grace Wu de Plaza, Director, Compliance & Corporate Integrity, Farmer Mac, advises that before embarking on a new initiative compliance officers should think about three things first:

  1. How you will communicate the importance of the initiative to senior leaders to get their go-ahead
  2. How to socialize the idea with key stakeholders to help them become your champions
  3. How to continually market post-launch

Grace points out the third point is a critical one, since ongoing support is so important to a program’s success. Key elements of the continuous marketing plan include milestones, specific tasks and dates, and ensuring employees know their roles and responsibilities. And, of course, you need metrics to provide measurable results.

Listen in to learn more about how to ensure your compliance initiative is properly planned and successfully implemented.

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