Mar 25, 2019

Farmer Mac would like to send a message of support to our customers and their families and loved ones living in the communities affected by the recent catastrophic flooding and snowstorms in the midwestern states. We have faith in your resourcefulness, resilience, and resolve as you face this latest challenge. Together with our Central Servicers, we have pledged donations to local and national emergency response organizations and have allocated funds for community disaster relief funds to provide both immediate aid and ongoing support to the many farmers and ranchers and rural residents whose homes and lives have been uprooted so they can begin to recover and rebuild.

We’d also like to extend a hand to our lending partners working with farmers and ranchers who hold Farmer Mac loans, and who have been impacted by the flooding. We know it may take many months to fully assess the damage, but we encourage you to contact your Farmer Mac Central Servicer so that we can determine the best way of weathering this storm together.

Since our founding over thirty years ago, the Farmer Mac team has been guided by our mission to serve rural America, and, to us, that means being there for our customers and their borrowers – this country’s farmers and ranchers – both in times of agricultural growth and prosperity, and just as faithfully in moments of need like today. Know you are not alone.

The Farmer Mac Team