Nov 16, 2018

Early Exclusive of Farmer Mac’s “The Feed”
AgriTalk Radio

By: Ashley Davenport

Today on AgriTalk, representatives from Farmer Mac discuss their latest findings of their quarterly report, “The Feed,” and their insights into interest rates and farm loans in 2019. Farm Journal’s AgTech Expo takes place in less than one month. Keynote speakers Josh Henritig from Microsoft and Farm Journal agronomist Ken Ferrie preview some of their talking points.

The relationship between the U.S. and China is appearing to thaw, which would be a big benefactor to the agricultural economy. Curt Covington, senior vice president of agricultural finance with Farmer Mac, and Jackson Takach, director of economic research and business with Farmer Mac, share an early exclusive of their quarterly report, “The Feed.” They talk about how ag bankers are having long conversations with their borrowers and comparisons of farm debt between now and the 1980s.

Josh Henritig, senior director of Microsoft’s AI For Earth, will be at the Farm Journal AgTech Expo Dec. 3 through Dec. 5. He shares how artificial intelligence can be used in farming and agriculture. He says the in the last few years, algorithms have been able to receive more data to derive more insights for farmers to use. The use of artificial intelligence allows farmers to analyze the past and understand how this historical data can make better decisions in the future.

Ken Ferrie has been an early adopter of ag tech. As an agronomist, he says he needs user-friendly technology to “make sense” out of technology and the data it produces. At the AgTech Expo, he plans on talking about how farmers should use technology on their operations and how to use existing technology.

To view the full article and listen to what Takach had to say: CLICK HERE (For Jackson and Curt go to the 14:00 mark)