Farmer Mac Refresh Webinar – Economic Shockwaves: Challenges & Opportunities, Featuring Dr. David Kohl

The economic shockwaves are coming fast and furiously. Weather, military action, inflation, interest rates, trade deals, and geopolitics are all in flux. Come join us for this midsummer webcast, during which Dr. Kohl will attempt to make sense of a complex world and how these factors could impact your portfolio and customers.

He will discuss his inflation watchlist and best practices that customers must adopt to improve the odds of staying profitable in this volatile environment. He will also discuss some of the top questions he is getting on the road during lender and producer conferences.

Invite your lender team, board members, front-line staff, and producers for this webinar and discussion, which will feature a range of topics in economics and business that are applicable to your business, your family, and your personal lives. Please send questions for Dr. Kohl to in advance of the session so that he can incorporate them into the discussion as time allows!

Date: Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM CT

Registration: Farmer Mac Refresh - Economic Shockwaves: Challenges & Opportunities, Featuring Dr. David Kohl

Bank Leadership, Credit and Funding Managers, Ag Lenders
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