Farmer Mac Refresh Webinar – Agriculture & Ag Lending in a Black Swan Environment Featuring Dr. David Kohl

The black swan—the unusual event of the century—has landed on our doorstep in the form of COVID-19. What is the domestic and global economic outlook in both the short and long run, given the unfolding circumstances? What are the positives for the agricultural industry? How can producers and lenders work together to bridge the gap for a brighter future? What does a recovery look like? What are the lessons learned from past economic and financial shocks? What specific actions are needed by both lenders and producers to navigate the economic and business whitewater?

Join this webinar to learn some answers to these questions, plus engage and interact with Dr. Dave Kohl as he draws on five decades of academic, industry, and business experience. This session will bring the expertise to your doorstep virtually to energize your leaders, team members, customers, and community.

Date: Monday, July 20, 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m. CT

Webinar Registration - Dr. Kohl 7.20.20

Bank Leadership, Credit and Funding Managers, Ag Lenders
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