Farmer Mac Refresh Webinar – A Live Feed Fall Update

You’re invited! Join Farmer Mac and the authors of The Feed as they discuss their latest findings on America’s ag economy.

Many of America’s farmers and ranchers are enjoying a period of relative calm this year; nationwide, we’re seeing lower farm loan delinquencies and farm bankruptcies, higher net cash farm income, and higher commodity prices. Yet these rosy national figures obscure the fact that many ag producers are struggling, with considerably different outlooks depending on commodity and region. What can lenders and producers make of the year so far? What headwinds and tailwinds should they be most aware of?

To find out, be sure to tune in to this information-packed webinar!

Topics include:

  • Commodity curveballs of 2021
  • How Americans’ return to dining out is benefitting producers
  • Good news from lower delinquencies, fewer bankruptcies, and higher net cash farm income
Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM CT

Registration: Farmer Mac Refresh - A Live Feed Fall Update

Bank Leadership, Credit and Funding Managers, Ag Lenders
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